Celebrating our Drillers on their day! 3 of June

Celebrating our Drillers on their day! 3 of June

Driller’s Day

Knowing the great value that drillers represent in our business and learning that June 3rd is celebrated around the world as Driller’s Day, we want to take this opportunity to join this celebration and pay tribute to these men who, with effort and commitment, are part of the growth of mining and therefore of the economy of each country where they work. Definitely a great cause for celebration for these warriors.

From our snowy peaks, rivers and ravines, at dawn, the driller makes his way through the harsh terrain and he is not alone. There in the mine, where you can almost touch the sky and the clouds, there is a brotherhood. They are drillers and they are like brothers. Wrapped in their uniforms and protective equipment, at times they show a contagious smile, other times they give each other encouragement to achieve the desired goal.

In possession of an impetuous force, they manipulate the machine to perfection, which takes the rock that Mother Earth kindly lavishes, purifying it until obtaining the desired sample. They are drillers and they are happy to have done a good job.

What is a driller?

The driller has knowledge and skills like no other, which make it possible for him to perform as a drilling equipment operator. In addition, he must possess physical strength and mental health guaranteed through medical and psychological examinations. Only then he has permission to drill. The drillers have the responsibility of executing the tasks and tasks, demonstrating at all times their high preparation and skill.

What are the tasks of the driller?

  • Drill rocks in mining exploration and mineral extraction processes.
  • Carry out mining prospecting and geological investigation surveys.
  • Know how to handle the tools according to the type of drilling.
  • Take samples and witnesses.
  • Proceed to the placement and labeling of samples.
  • Compliance with occupational safety and risk prevention regulations.
  • Support in cleaning tasks, drilling and blasting support in the tasks indicated by their supervisor.
  • Comply with current quality and environmental standards.

What is the profile of the driller?

In addition to having excellent physical health, the driller must meet some skills, for example:

  • Have analytical thinking.
  • Know how to communicate your ideas.
  • Work oriented to results.
  • Have pressure tolerance.
  • Know how to work as a team.
  • Know how to adapt to changes.