Services / Geotechnical Drilling

Our Geotechnical division offers the following services for the different needs of diverse sectors

Perforación geotécnica e instalación de:
  1. Casagrande Type Piezometers
  2. Vibrating Wire Piezometers
  3. Inclinometers
Geotechnical tests and trials of porosity, permeability and compaction
  1. SPT test
  2. LPT test
  3. Cone Peck Test
  4. Vane shear test
  5. Shelby Tube Sampling
  6. Lugeon permeability test
  7. Lefranc permeability test

Explomin has modern parameter control equipment for the best development of these tests, by maintaining international standards for this purpose. Our technicians and engineers have extensive experience in developing medium and large field tests.

Geotechnical Instrumentation

The geotechnical instrumentation service is not only aimed at the installation of geotechnical equipment, but also at:

Monitoring and interpretation of geotechnical instrumentation after its installation.
Conduction of cables during construction works.
Repair and maintenance of vibrating wire cables and commissioning of control panels.

Tratamiento de Fundaciones (Grouting)

Explomin develops the control of the foundations treatment – cement injections (Grouting), using sensors and digital reading equipment in real time, oriented to standard injections or using the GIN (Grout Intensity Number) method, according to the requirements of each project. The development of these works also includes the design of cement mixtures or grouts for this purpose. We apply great emphasis to In Situ quality control of cement mixtures to obtain the expected results of the treatment

Our team has been working for more than two decades to provide our clients with the best drilling service. Demonstrating our great commitment to offer a safe and quality service.