Services / Mining Solutions

We seek to offer integrated solutions to the Client, which is why we have developed Explomin Mining Solutions division. This new division offers an alternative that allows the professionalization of the service, replacing the outsourcing of personnel with a structured service that meets the technical, labor and legal requirements of the client.

Service experience

Our experience in mining explorations has allowed us to know in detail the operations and we offer a holistic service from geology, drilling to the geological services that they need us to perform.

Value proposal

The service is executed more efficiently because we have 100% control of the service.
This way, all the responsibility for the management of personnel and resources belongs to EXPLOMIN. And the information provided is more reliable when managed by a single company.

Ventajas de la Sinergia
  1. A single company for drilling and geological services offers lower costs
  2. Less administrative staff = Lower security risk
  3. Faster execution = Shorter affiliation times
  4. Better reportability
Work plan

Professional team

We have a staff of professionals with extensive experience in the service, which allow us to provide a highly qualified service through our team of geologists in their different specialties and approaches according to the Client’s needs.

Our team has been working for more than two decades to provide our clients with the best drilling service. Demonstrating our great commitment to offer a safe and quality service.