Services / Water Well Drilling

We develop hydrogeological drilling such as:

  • Water wells
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Tubular Wells
  • Production Wells
  • Drainage Wells

For the drilling of these wells, we use two methods:


One of the systems we currently use for RC drilling as per customer need is this innovative Casing Advancer Wireline system, which provides an efficient method of drilling through decomposed soils while simultaneously coating even bedrock. We use this simple system that reliably positions the casing while drilling, regardless of ground conditions. Removing and replacing the Casing Advancer Wireline is quick, easy and positive.

Examples of application are:

  1. Sampling and witnessing of soils and coating lands, coating simultaneously.
  2. Placement of underground instrumentation, grooved pipe and perforated drainage pipes.
  3. Cover difficult formations.

This system is generally used for large diameter wells and consists of returning the drilled material to the surface through the interior of the drill pipes.

The pressure and flow of the drilling fluid through the mouth effectively cleans the drilled material away from the mouth and also prevents the borehole from collapsing. Beyond this the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling fluid ensures the stability of the well and its viscosity (calculated according to the fluid flow provided from the drilling equipment and the diameter of the hole) must be such as to allow transport to the surface of the perforated material.

The fluid consists of water or natural mud, but if polymer-based mud is necessary, bentonite can also be used. To allow the removal of thicker material, the ascent speed of the fluid should not be less than 2.5 to 3 m / sec. The excavation system can use the impact force of a hammer tool or the combined action of the tool’s rotation and the torque applied to the tool.

Our team has been working for more than two decades to provide our clients with the best drilling service. Demonstrating our great commitment to offer a safe and quality service.